Android games to play during COVID-19 Quarantine

Games To Play This Quarantine Multiplayer

Hi, everyone I hope everyone is doing well and, yeah! coming to the point, I have a list of games you can play during this global pandemic.

I made a list of games you can play now with your friends or you can just simply play offline.

If you have anything in the mind or if you have any game to be listed here you can write down in the comment section in the bottom.

I’ve added images which are the screen shots taken from play store so you can see total downloads, rating and size of the game.

Added direct link to install the game for each heading.

1. Garena Free Fire Wonderland

Free fire is one of the top game in battle royale games. At once you will compete with 50 players in 10 minutes and the last man standing wins.

with cool graphics and unique game play features you can run smoothly even in low end devices.

this game comes with a huge map with loots and you have 10 minutes to collect shoot, snipe or hide and survive till the end.

There is nothing much to say about this game you can just play right away if you want some best battle royale game if ever want to play.

2. Clash Royale

This game come with duel player mode which you can compete with players worldwide and earn trophies from your opponent, but if you loose you’ll loose some of your trophies.

you have to collect different cards some cards will unlock as you level up. there are even seasons and special events in which you can participate and earn rewards.

Some of the features in game requires real money to get.

you can join clans and wage war on other clans.

there is 2 on 2 play mode where you won’t loose or gain any trophies but you can enjoy playing it.

this is an awesome game. If you collect enough cards and made a good deck that’s it no one is stopping you.

3. Carrom Pool

This is one of the famous board game you can play offline or you can join the multiplayer arena play with people around the world.

it is a simple game with smooth gameplay and realistic physics. As you play you’ll unlock your favourite striker with unique upgrades and pucks.

the game has friendly UI and has plenty of unlockable features.

4. Ludo King

This game is becoming quite famous this days you can compete online with your friends or you can play local multiplayer against you friends.

it’s a casual board game all you have to do is role a in-game dice which decides your move on the board.

this game also has interactive chat with emoji’s.

at once you can play with four players by inviting them to room with room ID.

you can also challenge players for privately.

ludo king has bunch of themes like christmas theme, nature theme, egypt theme etc., you can play with around them.

5. A. Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile one of the top rated battle royale game with cool graphics and features.

100 players can play at once. This game totally changed the industry of mobile gaming. there is always a new update coming every week or month.

you can also play squad mode or sniper mode.

you can team up with your friends in four, two or you can play in single mode.

the game comes with huge maps to play and with intense zombie mode makes the gameplay more interesting and challenging.

You need a really high-end device to be able to play this game smoothly but tencent released another version of pubg mobile for low-end devices which is pubg mobile lite.

B. Pubg Lite

Pubg lite is another version from tencent games which run almost on all low-end devices. with minimum features that pubg mobile has.

you can play with 60 players at once in 2km square map. Also comes with 4 vs 4 intense gameplay with unlimited respawns.

the game has hd graphics and audio with new languages and different weapon upgradables.

6. 8 ball pool

8 Ball pool another famous board game with millions of players world wide which you can play online with people around the world, join the tournaments or play 1 on 1 with people across the world.

the game has real life game features and realistic physics.

as you rank up you’ll earn rewards and you can upgrade different features in the world.

7. Mini Militia

2d intense multiplayer combat game with different world environment and upgrades.

Need real money to unlock some in game features.

simple and smooth game play. You can play up to six players with 20 maps.

the game has wide variety of weapons which also has a offline survival mode.

8. #Drive

this is an endless driving game for those who want some racing endlessly this is the game for you.

all you have to do is choose your car and place then play endlessly if you didn’t hit anything.

the game experience look like in early 1970 action movies. the game has good physics and smooth game play.

Since the locations and environments inspired from early 70’s movies you’ll feel like completely in a new world while playing this game.

9. Call of duty Mobile

This is a multiplayer player battle royale game, rich in graphics and real-world physics.

you can play in 100 player battleground, 5 on 5 team death match, sniper vs sniper.

the game has multiplayer maps from call of duty warfare and call of duty black ops, also comes with different settings and features to tweak according your device hardware capacity.

For smooth game play you need a latest high-end mobile device.

you can compete with millions around the world and rank top win many rewards and prizes.

10. Pocket build

For who want some building games here is game for you.

build your own castle, town or make your own world.

There are many different items to build, it has sandbox mode which lets you build without any limits. But some features in the game may requires in app-purchases to obtain.

You can play free without any payment.

They also included first person mode with huge open world to build anything that possible.

11. Chess free

This game is an offline game but you can with your friends and relatives around you.

it has both 3d and 2d environment it’s your choice to choose and play either against cpu or with your friends.

this game comes with different level of difficulty you can choose and play also set timer on or off.

the game comes with bunch of option to choose as you like.

12. Tiny Room stories: Town Mystery (offline)

I tried my best to complete this game but I couldn’t do it.

May be you can, it’s a simple mystery solving game. you play as a detective role searching for your missing father.

the game takes place in a small abandoned town.

you have to find the clue and solve the mystery in each level to advance further.

this is very best game for those who want some mystery in their game with simple 3D environment.

there different hidden clues and puzzles in the game which makes the game play more thrilling and fun.

13. Mekoroma (Offline)

Mekorama is an interesting puzzle game and it’s an offline game so you don’t need internet to play this game.

In this game you will help a tiny robot to reach it’s home.

there are different levels to play and moreover there are thousands of user generated levels to explore.

So, you’ll never get bored.

If you want you can create your own levels in the game.

14. Crown City

Honestly when I first saw this game I didn’t like this game. I thought like does someone play this game.

But when I saw my brother playing this game I changed my opinion on this game, it’s actually a very funny game.

My brother told this is a really fun game and asked me to try once finally end up fighting for one more chance to play

the game play is very nice with 3D enviroment the building. we can gather people who are in white.

It’s an online multiplayer game, if you have gathered more than your opponent you can crush him with your mob.

The more you gather the higher you rank in the game and yeah finally you win.

After playing and fighting with my brother for a chance which he let me to play so I finally installed in my phone.

this is one of the best game I ever player.

15. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight is one of my favourite game among the three games from NEKKI, shadow fight 3 is best in all terms like graphics, UI and multiplayer.

There is no way you get bored of this game unless you don’t like some action and crazy kicks.

new features and weapons will unlock as you play.

you will also gain shadow energy with which you can unlock your different shadow moves.

trust me you will like this game.

Stay home keep playing.

Thank you.

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