Battlegrounds Mobile India Best Landing Spots For Rank Push

Battlegrounds Mobile India Best

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the popular battle royale games in India. The game is close to 50 million downloads on Android Play Store. Krafton has released the first season update for the game, and they are going to launch the esports tournament in India. So, most of the BGMI players play the game to increase their rank safely. In this article, we are going to show Battlegrounds Mobile India best landing spots for the rank push.

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What is Rank Push?

To win a match requires gaming skills, presence of mind, and strategy. Moreover, the game allows players to rank their ID and reach top levels by achieving all the missions. Players who want to stand in the top position in the crowd need to push their rank.

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BGMI Best Landing Spots for Rank Push

For safe rank push in the BGMI game, players need a suitable amount of loot and survival skills. Here are the places to land for a safe rank push.

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Quarry (Erangel)

Battlegrounds Mobile India Best

Erangel map Quarry is one of the best landing spots for survival skills and decent loot. Most of the players land in Pochinki, School, Military Base, and more. In those places, survival chances are less compared to Quarry.

Water Town (Erangel)

Battlegrounds Mobile India Best

Water Town in Erangel is close to Rozhok and School. Both the locations are known for the massacre, and Water Town is a safe place to land. You can find weapons, vests, and health kits. You can hear shooting sounds from Rozhok, but don’t dare to go there, or else you dig up your own grave.

El Azahar (Miramar)

Battlegrounds Mobile India Best

In Miramar, El Azahar is the safest place to land and to kill enemies. Here, you can find a good supply of weapons and ammunition. Most of the bots landed in this location. What are you waiting for, Kill em all!!

Kampong (Sanhok)

Battlegrounds Mobile India Best

Kampong in Sanhok is the best place for looting supplies, and it is near to the ocean. The houses in Kampong hold weapons for a squad.

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