Battlegrounds Mobile India Details: 24-Hour Security System

Battlegrounds Mobile India Details

Battlegrounds Mobile India Details: The company has mentioned at the arrival of new features on their website. It confirmed that weapon skins included in crates or roulettes. Moreover, they confirmed opening a BP Shop, adding voice-packs in Hindi, Prime Subscriptions, and Bonus Challenge. Krafton announced Battlegrounds Mobile India details on security and cheaters in the game. They stated that all measures exercised to detect and ban cheaters in the game. We introduced a 24-hour security system automatically bans illegal accounts.

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Krafton also mentioned that the 24-hour security system bans accounts using illegal programs and sends notifications to players regarding the real-time penalties levied on the cheaters. The game releases an anti-cheat notice weekly on the website about the number of accounts banned. Moreover, Krafton searches, and investigates the accounts using for illegal programs on websites or any social media will penalized.

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Any YouTube channel that advertises or promotes illegal content on YouTube will be blocked permanently and penalized. Users can report cheaters by contacting customer service via in-game settings. Previously, Krafton has banned 198,194 accounts from August 27th to September 2nd. Every game developer faces serious problems with the cheaters and hackers in the game.

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However, there are many complaints regarding spammers and hackers entering into the lobbies and using cheats to kill players. Moreover, it demotivates the players, and the game loses its reputation due to such illegal programs in-game. However, BGMI officially announced the number of accounts banned and warnings.

Krafton Notice

Krafton Posted, “Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans, We have collected and investigated cases through our security system and community monitoring, and permanently banned 198,194 accounts from August 27 ~ September 2.”

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