Battlegrounds Mobile India July: 1.5 Ignition Mode Gameplay Updates


Battlegrounds Mobile India July update set to bring new features and improvements to India just like PUBG Mobile global version. However, Krafton has shared some of the new changes that players can expect with the game. The game changes include a new Light Machine Gun named MG3, healing-related items thrown like grenades or Molotov. However, a new mode added to the Erangel map which called Ignition mode.

Battlegrounds Mobile India July Update

Mission Ignition mode

The Ignition mode gameplay set in the Erangel map that includes new high-tech locations. Moreover, the regions on the map replaced once the high-tech mode goes on. Furthermore, The mode showcases the names of the cities like Pochinki and Rozhok. It will be displayed as 3D names while parachuting on the map.

Battlegrounds Mobile India July

New Train System

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, a new HyperLine train system added to the map, which has stations at every location. The trains can help players to reach particular destinations at a specific time. A semi-truck is seen on the map, which comes with supply boxes when destroyed.

New Tiers

Battlegrounds Mobile India is adding two news tiers between Ace and Conqueror. These are the Ace Master and Ace Dominator Tiers. Moreover, the game is changing logos for all the tiers, and they are introducing a new challenge point system. Players may lose ranking points for careless gameplay. Further, seasonal rewards are set to be better after a new update, and the Royal Pass cycle changed from every two months to every month.

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New Weapons, and Vehicles

The new LMG called MG3 replaced with M249 LMG (Light Machine Gun). The MG 3 is found in supply drops, and it is just a single scope attachment. MG3 offers two rate-of-fire modes, and players can choose between 660rpm (rounds per minute) and 990rpm with 7.62mm ammo.

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The healing consumables added to the trajectory slot. The consumables thrown like grenades, and a new gun called ASM Abakan with 5.56 ammo added. New vehicles G-38 Gravity Free motorcycle is available only on Ignition mode. To download the Battlegrounds Mobile India, Click the below download button.

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