Battlegrounds Mobile India New Update Flora Menace and More

Battlegrounds Mobile India New

Battlegrounds Mobile India new update version 1.6 is running out for players. The Battlegrounds Mobile India new update is for both Android and iOS users. It introduces several improvements in gameplay and also ‘Flora Menace’ mode. Another news is that Krafton is going to bring back the Zombie Mode ‘Survive Till Dawn’.

Moreover, the new mode Flora Menace will have aliens plants pops up in the game. The update is available in Classic Themes, including the Erangel lobby, and also released in Sanhok. For Livik, the new update will be available from 22 September 2021. Users must check the “Mode” checkbox to get the maps of the new mode. The latest Battlegrounds Mobile India update introduces a few surprises, as EvoGround includes Zombie mode “Survive Till Dawn”. EvoGround will have eight different game modes appearing at particular time intervals.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Update Announcement

The long-awaited September Update is here, and we can’t wait to share all the cool stuff we have planned in store for you!  

And, yes, we remember your excitement and immense love shared on Mission Ignition mode, and I’m sure you’ll find Flora Menace coming your way to be refreshing and a great way to drop in and have some fun with your squad! 

Have a read, or if you’re in a hurry why not hop onto our YouTube channel to check out our video which explains all the cool stuff in this update? 

Update Rewards 

Yeah, we got you covered! If you’re in India and you update to the new version (1.6.0), you’ll be getting 2 Classic Crate Coupons waiting for you in the Event Center! 

You can also get Cell Matrix lobby background item (60 days) for watching the new update theme video, 

so do not miss the chance, and check out the video. ENGLISH – 1.6.0  September Patch Notes Preview 

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The Rejuvenation Barrier

Alien plants called ‘Yarilo’ occupy few cities and build a barrier. Players’ health will slowly regenerate in the Rejuvenation Barrier when players engaged with enemies.

Dynahex Supply Shop

A special system to fight against the alien forces! Gather ‘Nocores’ on the field and press the button below the mini-map on the right to enter the ‘Dynahex Supply Shop’ where you can purchase diverse items for the battle.

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Cell Matrix

There is a Cell Matrix airship in the sky of Erangel. But the Cell Matrix, which used to be the hope of escaping, and now it is out of control because of intruders. Players must retrieve the Cell Matrix through the bottle.

To download the game, click the download button below.

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