BGMI Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi: Check for Rewards and Updates

BGMI Celebrates

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with new rewards and missions. The celebrations will continue till September 21. The Krafton company wrote on Instagram: Ganesh Chaturthi New Beginnings Missions are here! Celebrate by completing missions every day and winning great rewards!

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Get the Wild elephant shirt and display it to your friends on the Battlegrounds. Moreover, the gaming company hosting the Ganesh festival event to celebrate the occasion. The event brings a bunch of in-game rewards and missions. On completion of tasks, players will get a Wild elephant shirt as a reward, and they are certain missions that need to complete to get more rewards.

BGMI celebrates this festival, and players can play any mode with their friends five times, valid between September 15 and September 21. Playing classic mode 20 times, players get three classic crate coupons. Play classic mode 60 times, players get rewards like Wild elephant shirt.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India AI Lobby

There is another news on Battlegrounds Mobile India game regarding AI mode or Bot Lobby Mode. According to the reports, BGMI wants to add a Bot Lobby Mode. Moreover, there will be AI characters who will showcase like real players within the gameplay. However, new players needed to play against the bots at starting, and their progress will determine the number of bots the player will see in the lobby.

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However, Battlegrounds Mobile India has not officially confirmed regarding the new AI Lobby, and this update may come in the future to boost up the ranking of the game. We will have to wait for official confirmation from the Krafton company. To download the Battlegrounds Mobile India, click the download button from below.

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