BRAIN VS WORDS – Discover all Words Review


BRAIN VS WORDS is an inspiring free-to-play word game that challenges your brain. BRAIN VS WORDS gives players an variety of letter blocks and asks them to use those letters to make words to fill a crossword puzzle. However, this game is similar to other mobile puzzle games. But, the difference is players can swipe the blocks to join a crossword puzzle at the bottom of the screen. This tells players how many words they need to make and find them. Moreover, player needs to bind all letters to hidden words to make the puzzle complete. Each level gets harder and challenging.

Some puzzles feature bonus words that aren’t found in the puzzle but spelled with the letters. However, once the level completed players will receive in-game currency like coins used in part of the game to unlock hints in stages. Moreover, some levels feature twists and may challenge players to spell a particular word in a crossword puzzle. At first, players will play normal levels. Until at a certain level, players will face challenges to join a crossword puzzle. Sometimes, players need to spend coins for hints to spell words.

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How to Play:
– Correct the letters horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forward, or backward to form the hidden words
– Score points for each correctly guessed word
– Find as many words as possible to unlock levels and earn extra bonuses
– Fill each block with a word and earn money and bonuses as you discover star words
– Having trouble finding the words? Use coins and hints to progress in Brain vs Words

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Brains vs Words Features

  • Daily rewards
  • Many levels
  • Difficulty level increases per level
  • Fun to play, hard to beat
  • Play offline in soon to be online as much as you want and everywhere
  • Applicable to all ages
  • FREE updates

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