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Light-It-Up  -Android and iOS

Light-It-Up is a simple game developed and published by Crazy Labs by TabTale. The game suits for all ages to play. Especially if you have a lot of work stress and expecting some relief, this is your best choice for playing. Light-It Up has a very simple UI with minimum settings. This game already hit 5 Million Downloads.


Theme   –

The in game character you play as, is a stick man. You being played as a stick-man land on any rectangular or square shape as the player touches or interact with any of the objects they will glow in beautiful colors. So the goal is to make the objects fill and shine with colors. The game ends as you complete interacting with all the shapes in the game. During this the game has collectable stars randomly arranged you need to collect all the three stars to get maximum point and move to next level. Each level has only 3 stars and as you level up, the game gets harder and more challenging so its not that easy to collect all the three stars. You even encounter with spikes and other movable objects where you need to be very careful playing around them.

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Some shapes in the game have mobility. As you interact with the object they will move in a given direction or rotate on its own axis as in the above image. While the other shapes will move slightly from their rest position making the game more complicated to play. And some objects have spikes, yes already told you above, this spikes are lethal and if you land on them the game over.

Light-It Up will be played in portrait mode. For playing the Screen will divide into two sections left and right. If you tap on any section of the screen the stick man will flip | swing | slide | jump respectively but it is you who decide whether he jumps on a shape or fall into infinite oblivion so means if you miss any of the shapes while jumping you will fall into some nowhere and the game ends.

Skins –

And you know this game has more than 250 Levels to play. As you level up new skins available in the skins section. Skins make the game more interesting.skins in light-it up game android and ios

Ads –

Yes! the game has ads both banner and video ads. So, this might annoy you while playing or lag in between the game. If you don’t want to see ads you can opt out by paying a little amount or you can try disabling internet and WiFi that might work fine. Else if you want to support developers you can play as it is.

About TabTale –

TabTale is one of the top 10 Mobile Game Publisher as per AppAnnie. Also they recently reached 2 billion downloads. And their headquarters is located at Israel and has branches at USA, China, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Macedonia.




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