Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Is Trophy System Overpowered?

Call of Duty Black Ops

Field Upgrades in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold war can turn the tide of battle quickly. Moreover, players can choose various Field Upgrades like Proximity Mine, SAM Turret, and Airbone Scorestreaks. Assault Pack allows players to refill their ammo and earn a score in a short time. However, Trophy System is the best available Field Upgrade in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Trophy System

Call of Duty Black Ops

The Trophy System is a classic piece of equipment in Call of Duty. It acts as Field Upgrade and unlockable at level 15. In Warzone, Trophy System is very useful to avoid explosives attacks from enemies. Moreover, the Field Upgrade placed near an objective or hot zone. Enemy players are likely to clear out the objective area using their stuns and grenades. Moreover, the Trophy System shoots them and prevents them from doing damage. But, present players are complaining about the issues with the Trophy System. Moreover, a lot of glitches found during the gameplay and while using the Field Upgrades against to Trophy System.

Is Trophy System Overpowered?

The Trophy System is capable of destroying anything. It destroys Crossbow Bolts and Ballistic Knives. The Black Ops Cold War released the R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow. However, players noticed a major problem with the functionality of the Trophy System and its interference. When players got their hands on Crossbow, they noticed a flaw in its design. When the bolts travel and pass through a Trophy System, the explosion prevention net stops the bolts and it doesn’t make sense.

The issue pointed on the Reddit site by justivedeliever1. He was confused with Trophy System. Being immune to Crossbow Bolts may seem like a powerful and useful feature, but it seems a bit unbalanced. Moreover, fans are confused on why the developers would release a useless weapon. The Crossbow doesn’t come under explosions or missile equipment.

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