Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Introduced New Maps, Weapons?

call of duty mobile season

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 is a beta version available for both Android and iOS. Users can download through an apk and a Test Flight program. However, the company shared the news on Reddit regarding the new content. It includes new maps, new operator skills, optimizations to battle royale, and user interface (UI) changes.

According to a post on Reddit, the Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 comes with two new multiplayer maps called Slums and Stacks. It also comes with new operator skills, scorestreaks, perks, and grenade types. The latest update has some UI changes, improvements without any Zombie mode.

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The company posted an image on Twitter about a new map of the game coming soon. The map expected to be the Slums Map, and initially released as part of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. COD: Mobile Season 6 introducing an ultra frame rate option in Multiplayer mode, which will give users to experience of the game in 120FPS. Additionally, in Season 6, the Swarm feature is included and offers a bunch of hunter-killer drones after gaining 1100 points.

call of duty mobile season

120 FPS Option

120hz refresh rate screens take advantage of their tech and smoothly play COD. Most of the players can switch on Ultra settings in Frame Rate and have up to 120 FPS of smooth gameplay. The trade-off is the graphics quality preset will be locked to Medium – which is pretty fair. Call of Duty has a special arena shooter in fact that games come extremely smooth and fast. The 120 FPS adds to the level of fluidity of the game.

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New Scorestreak: Swarm

Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer mode introduces Killstreaks – which changed to Scorestreaks. Scorestreaks offers players creative power-ups to unleash on their opponents. After gaining 1100 points in an MP match, players can call a cluster of drones to destroy the enemies.

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