Call of Duty Mobile Update: Undead Siege, New Weapons, and More

Call of Duty Mobile Update

Call of Duty Mobile Update: COD Mobile Season 6 launched with new features and events. The featured events of Season 6 are Aether Hunt, Global Weapon Design, and Undead Siege. Here is the list of new events.

  • Grind (MP)
  • Gun Game Mosh Pit (MP)
  • Summer Showdown (MP)
  • Stack 24/7 (MP)
  • Tank Battle (BR)
  • Featured Event – Aether Hunt
  • Five Seasonal Challenges Now Live!
  • Rottweiler Lucky Draw
  • Rapid Fire (MP)
  • Cranked: Confirmed (MP)

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However, some events released during the Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 launched at first. The developers added new Clan wars content, Ranked Matches, Credit Store update, and a new Battle Pass with the MX9. Additionally, Stack MP map, Aether Hunt, and Machete.

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Call of Duty Mobile Update: Global Weapon Design

COD Season 6 launched a event for this upcoming anniversary. Moreover, In this event, players can pick six different weapons like PP19 Bizon, AK117, and more. Additionally, themes were introduced in this season, like Tokyo Escape and Going Dark.

Call of Duty Mobile Update

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: Undead Siege

In this event, players need to pick the wrenches and kill the undead zombies. In simple, it’s like zombie hunter gameplay. Players need to defend themselves against the zombie’s attacks. However, Aether Hunt is going to launch. So, new players will be added and can participate in different zombie modes.

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Call of Duty Mobile Stack Multiplayer Map

First, Stack Map is seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and now it is introduced in Call of Duty: Mobile. Stack is a three-lane map perfect for 2v2 or 1v1 battles. You can check the below video for more details.

Melee Weapons for Zombie Modes

Call of Duty Mobile Update

A free katana, wrench, and machete are seen in this season. These melee weapons used to kill zombies in zombie modes.

To download the game, click the download button below.

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