Fantasian Game Review: Beautiful, Charming, Approachable JRPG


Fantasian is a role-playing game developed by Mistwalker’s Hironobu Sakaguchi. However, the game is like Final Fantasy games that Sakaguchi built his career on. It is not just an appealing handcrafted game from the creator of Final Fantasy. Early on, you’re mostly just following leads and it goes pretty much anywhere he can order to potentially learn more about who he is.

Fantasian Gameplay

The concept is like once our hero Leo and his friends acquire a device called the Dimengeon. Instead, enemies collected by this device, hoovered up like spooks in a Ghostbuster’s proton pack. You choose when you stop to fight them. When you open the Dimengeon, fighting dozens of basic enemies still isn’t much of a challenge, but these massed ranks encourage you to practice different skills.

Attacks can be directed with accuracy using finger swipes to strike multiple enemies. By the time you reach more difficult boss fights you have a better grasp of what everything does. Bosses range from towering Minotaur and fire-breathing reptiles to possessed gondolas and even magical money trees. It require ordered use of your abilities to achieve. Possibly the additional inelegantly named dimension- a portmanteau of dimension and dungeon that lets put off random battles for a short period.

There is a handful of other quality of life tweaks. Plentiful save points, and locations that are big.But, simple to navigate, touch and gamepad controls that work equally well, little need for milling. When we talk about our hero Leo a spiky-haired youth with amnesia. He teams up with a mystical forest girl and hot-tempered princess to save a world from magical corruption.

The result is a lengthy and sumptuous genre piece, the equivalent of a good movie on web series that we wouldn’t watch at the movie. If you like to download the please click the below download button.

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