Game Development: Make Mobile Games With Unity

Prototype you mobile game

Simple Steps To Get Started With Mobile Game Development

Making a game is a complicated subject, but let’s break it down with different game making software and design tools. If you want to make a game from the scratch from core idea to final build.

Then Follow these Simple Mobile Game Development Steps to Get Started

Get An Game Idea

Getting an idea is very crucial because you have to believe your idea from scratch to final build that’s a long period. Choose an idea on which you have 100% confidence that this will definitely work.

How to get mobile game ideas

Tips on getting a game idea!

  1. Play games on mobile.
  2. Try every different game category.
  3. Find Out What made you play that game(“The Games You Played”).
  4. Now, You’ll definitely get an overview of getting a game Idea!

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Work on Your Idea

In this step, you need to think like a game designer. You need to put your idea in a paper. Learn to draw the basic objects that are required for your game. Because you know what

“Ideation with implementation is an illusion”.

To work on the idea ask yourself these question.

What is the game category?

What objects should reside in the game?

Moto of the game?

How Can you make the additive to your audience?

Answer these questions and write those answers and start making a prototype for your game. Game creation is just like making a film. Think creative to make the game more interesting.

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Designing Assets

Prototype you mobile game

Game assets are basically game objects, menus, user interface, characters. You need to use different designing tools for 2d and 3d games. To Start designing the assets you have to acquire these skill set. Learn to use design tools like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape those for 2D. In order to design 3D models and animations use Blender, Autodesk Maya, 3Ds Max.

I have suggestions for mobile game development tutorials.

Check Out the Following Youtube Channels for 2D and 3D Designing

2D Tutorials

3D Tutorials

These tutorials have a wide range of videos which are easy to learn and you can now look into game development engine in the next step.

Final Step, Start Developing

Unity C# Code for Mobile Games

Now, We have to get into the mobile game development tools that are used in the gaming industry. Most of the mobile game development software require programming language knowledge to develop games for mobile devices.

You can also build without coding you either use build box game engine or look for a mobile game developer for hire if think your game requires a lot of programming knowledge.

Game Development Alternate Softwares

There different mobile game development tools and most of the game developers use unity, unreal engine. Mobile game development with unity is suggested by expert game developers as we can build for 27 different platforms like the console game, mobile game, pc and all by writing code only once. Unity is easy to drag and drop objects into the game. Connect your mobile using USB debugging and check the real-time changes that you make in the engine.

Check out this amazing Youtube Channel for Game Development with Unity

Brackeys Youtube Channel

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