Getting started with Unity 3D for 2D mobile game development

Rapid Roll Android Game Unity Deveelopment

We have started with setting up Unity 3D for game development in the previous post. Now that we’re ready with software, let’s get started on how to create a simple 2D game in Unity 3D. There will be a series of posts regarding this in future. So stay tuned!

Now let’s get to the work and start building a simple 2D game called Rapid Roll Reloaded. This is a clone of Rapid Roll game that used to come in old Nokia phones (Nostalgia <3 :D).

Here is the gameplay video of the game that we are going to build, so we could be clear about what we are going to build at the end of the day.


Let’s get started with the building and development part. The gist of what are all the things that we are going to do in the next series of posts is given below:

First of all we need to create a project in Unity 3D, then we need to have some assets(images, prefabs, audio etc., for environment, characters, obstacles…). After we have every required thing we need to add some behavior to those things. So, here comes the coding part where we will write some scripts to add behavior to the objects that live in game. Once we are done with all the above tasks we need to export our game to the devices that we are targeting for, say for Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation etc.,

That’s the gist of what we are going to do. So follow the below-given steps set up the project for our game.

  • Open Unity3D and you should see some window like thisunity 3d project
  • Click on the new button to create a new projectunity 3d
  • Give the project name and directory for project folder. Also, select 2D as we are going to create a 2D game and then click on create a project. It will take a couple of seconds to create a project.
  • You should see a window like this.unity editor
  • I recommend  you to set the layout as below as it would look clean and organized for our work.+
  • unity edition
  • Now let’s import the assets that are required for our game:
    We need a ball, brick or some base where the ball rolls on, spikes or some sharp objects. For this, we can directly download images or multimedia files from online or we can even design them by ourselves. I have the things designed already in Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m directly importing those files to project. Here is the link to download those assets which I have – > RapidRollReloadedImageAssets.
  • unity 3d 
  • unity editor 3d
  • Now we can add the assets to the scene tab, under MainCamera by just dragging and dropping. Always keep an eye on the inspector because we are going to need the values displayed in the inspector tab for various purposes.
  • Follow by looking at the following screenshots for adding required assets and positioning, scaling them to fit our game in the inspector tab.
  • Please look at the assets, scene-hierarchy and inspector tab in all the screenshots and make sure you have similar values.
  • unity 3d
  • drag the ball, clouds into hierarchy tab
  • unity 3d
  • now click on MainCamera and make the required changes by looking at the values in inspector tab
  • unity 3d editor
  • now resize and scale the cloud so it fits into view vertically so it will be suitable for all devices(smartphones, tablets, and PCs). Also resize and scale, position the ball too.
  • unity 3d editor
  • unity 3d game engine mobile game development
  • Now drag the brick image for a base and resize and position it.
  • unity 3d game engine mobile game development
  • We will add some light to the game.
  • unity 3d game engine mobile game development
  • unity 3d game engine mobile game development
  • Create a folder called prefabs in assets and drag ball, clouds and brick to that folder.
  • unity 3d game engine mobile game development

Now we are all good with setting up. In the next post, we will add some physics and colliders to make the objects feel like real-world objects.

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