REVIEWS Review for Android: Colorful Game (Free-to-Play)
454Views game is from Voodo and categorized as an arcade game. There is only a single level but it is complex to play. A city with a lot of small parts, cars, parks, people, and buildings. You will be playing with other players across the world. The objective of the game is to control the direction of the black hole and consume as many things as possible while moving around. The more things you consume, the black whole will increases its size. In the end, the biggest black hole player wins.

If the other players have a bigger hole than you, they can consume your hole. However, it will be resurrected after few seconds. The game featured two modes one is Classic (2-minutes time limit), Battle (you have to be the last one remaining), and Solo fun (consume as much as you can in 2 minutes). The gameplay offers Bluetooth multiplayer mode if you want to play with friends. Gameplay Review

Control a hole around a map and swallow everything. At first, you can swallow only small things like parks benches, bins, and people. When hole grows, we can swallow skyscrapers and buildings. Within 2 minutes we need to win the game is difficult. The game suffers from lag, something that becomes more noticeable the longer you play it. There are no other maps to be played, and lack of content in the game. Graphics are good but no audio.

Developers must add some audio or music. Players may get irritated while playing the game due to ads pop up in the middle of the gameplay. Of course, by purchasing the game in Google Play Store, you can remove the advertisements. But the price is not good for the less content gameplay. Overall it is a good game, but less!

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