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Tik Tok Download Apk Now India Banned
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Tik Tok Download Apk

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Tik Tok App is a video-sharing app from China developed by ByteDance. There a lot of active users in India who use the tiktok app to make short videos on their favorite song or dialogue.

People in India are addicted to this and chanting all day “ tik tok tik tok “. Especially the content in this app is exposed to the child and it contains a lot of porn content.

So being optimistic about an outcome and faith in the Indian judicial system both google and apple store removed the app from their app store and play store.

Why Tik-Tok is Banned?

Electronics and information technology ministry of the supreme court refused the say on ban tik tok video app and now this application no longer available on google. Also, the Madras high court refused to stay.

TikTok empowers everybody to be a creator directly from their smartphones and is committed to putting together a community by encouraging users sharing short videos passion and artistic expression through their videos.

In 2018, this was one amongst the foremost downloaded apps within the world. You can many more facts on the website.

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