Krafton Counter-Measures Against Hackers, Cheats, and Illegal Programs


Once again, Krafton and Battlegrounds Mobile India game are on news. The Krafton company announces new measures to take down hackers and cheat codes in the game. The company released an official statement stating that countless reports are coming through them from gamers regarding hackers using illegal programs to gain an advantage in the game. Also, hackers are implementing cheat codes to win matches.

Krafton company said they are working to control the hackers, and illegal programs by blocking them or ban their accounts from the game. There is a separate team monitoring 24/7, and they banned more than 1.52 million accounts to date. But, still, hackers are increasing in the game day-by-day. The company has now proclaimed some new steps to tackle the issue of cheating in Battlegrounds Mobile India. First, they will do a more detailed re-validation of the game. Then the data for top-ranked users on the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

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Krafton Counter Measures Against Hackers

The Krafton company says if someone using cheats and manages to rank top in the leaderboard, their account banned permanently. Further, top-ranked players monitored regularly, and if they promote cheats or cheated in the game for the rank push. The accounts get banned from the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

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Note: Krafton said to avoid cheating in the game, the company decided not to release Battlegrounds Mobile India on Emulator. If anyone tried to play the game using Emulator, the 24-hour security system detects and bans the account. The Emulator is illegal according to the company policy.

After a long time, the company breaks silence and addressed the users of Battlegrounds Mobile India, They said,

“Measures against illegal programs cheats, and cheaters remain our top priority. We have noted countless reports of cheaters using illegal programs to gain an advantage. A cheater is a cheater, and we understand your frustration when you come across one. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you the steps we have taken, and more importantly, the steps we will be taking to make BGMI a fair gaming environment. We work daily on logic enforcement and updates to illegal programs, blocking ad channels, and monitoring real-time, and have permanently sanctioned more than 1.52 million accounts till date and are working on modernizing our systems.”

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