Mobile Game Review: Crowd City From Voodoo

CrowdCity ios game review


Crowd City is developed by voodoo games where it has become very popular. Voodoo games have released up to 15 games where most of them reached the top 20 list in AppStore.

Thus voodoo has become the most popular these days and to get predictive insights about early-phase games, voodoo uses game analytics.

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 Crowd city game has got a different version of gameplay where it is based on defeating the other team players by occupying them into you.

You can get a specified number of players based on your play and they can join the other cartoons in the game to you and add your team count.

By this, at the end of the time limit, the one with high members in their team wins the game.

   We will even get a timer wherein it shows up on the game at the last 60 seconds of the game. So that we get to know that the game is gonna end.

We are even able to buy a few skins for our players and can use them.  They get unlocked randomly and gets to the player based on his wins in the game.


This game has very good controls wherein you need to just get to the directions you wanted to go so that you can conquer other team members into you.

But the controls have been quite messy but the feel of the game makes you not consider it.

We can even see the count of your team on your top and others with an arrow mark and their count so that you can know where to go to find them and even whom to choose.

Thus it makes you feel interested in playing the game


The game has very good graphics. We get to have a design of a city with houses, stadium, trees, and vehicles.

Also gets some random citizen cartoons passing by so that you can add them into your team.

   We even see the borders of the city with seashore and all. This makes us feel real and interesting.

The environment in the game is googd with  


 This game has got with a no ads subscription with $3.5 and can have the game with no ads in it.

It is even available offline to play.

The team when finishes all the members of any team is given a kill and the team members count increases accordingly.

At the end of the game, the list of all the teams with their count is given according to their score giving their ranks.   

Also, the once who are killed are also given there.

Each team can have their own name as a pseudo on their wish and your rank is also listed at the top with your highest score till then.

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