PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem Codes 22 October 2021: AKM Glacier Skin

PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem Codes 12 December

PUBG Mobile Lite redeem codes released for today 22 October 2021. PUBG Mobile Lite redeem code has 12 digit code contains numbers and alphabets. Players can use these redeem codes and get free legendary items, skins, and outfits. PUBG Mobile Lite gained good popularity across the world wide. It has attracted youngsters, and after the ban in some countries. Still, players are accessing the game using VPN.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem Codes Procedure

PUBG Mobile Lite redeem codes
  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on the redemption center link (VPN required)
  • You need to fill a form. Enter your character ID, paste the code on redeem code section. However, you need to verify the Captcha verification code, and then click on the yellow-colored “REDEEM” button.
S.N.Redeem CodesRewards
1.SD14G84FCCAKM Glacier Skin
2.JJCZCDZJ9UGolden Pan Code
3.UKUZBZGWFFree Fireworks
4.TIFZBHZK4ANew Legendary Outfit
5.RNUZBZ9QQLegendary Vehicle Skin
7.5FG10D33Get Free Falcon
8.SD16Z66XHHSCAL-L Gun Skin
TQIZED76F Get 3 Motorcycle
S78F342XJ New Skin for c
TQIZ09OL76F Motor Vehicle Skin
P09OBTFZ95U M416 Skin only for first 5000 players
R89FEWDM9S Get Free Companion
KA23EZYTR Get Free Skin for KAR98 Sniper Gun
SD19IO4FCC New AKM Glacier Skin Redeem Code
JJCZCDZJ9U Golden Pan Redeem Code
UKUZBZGWF Free Fireworks Promo Code
TIPOUHZK4A New Legendary Outfit for Free
RHJYURBZ9QQ New Legendary Outfit for Free
HJU87NHGNew Legendary Outfit for Free
678DBTFZM24U UMP9 Gun Skin
5FG1NJI33 Falcon & Get Free Emotes
SD16NHYXHH Get Free SCAR-L Gun Skin (Limited Time)
  • BPHAZDZVQ8 – 300 Heart
  • DKJU9GTDSM – 3000 Silver frags
  • BMTBZBZ4ET: Jester Hero Headgear
  • DKJU9GTDSM: 100 Silver Fragments
  • SD16Z66XHH
  • PUBGM GROZA: The Skulls – Groza
  • TIFZBHZK4A: Legendary Outfit
  • BEAUTY: Duelist Set
  • PEACE: Piglet Set
  • QB8K57DAX78PF – Epic Dress
  • BOBR3IBMT – Desert Set
  • GPHZDBTFZ – Free UMP Gun Skin
ExpiringRedeem CodeReward
3DayDKJU8LMBPYFree Silver Fragments
3DayUCBYSD800800 UC
3DayMIDASBUYfree rename card andf room card
3DayEKJONARKJOUnlimited M820 Gun Skins

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