PUBG Mobile Star Challenge(PMSC 2018 Global Final Winners) RRQ Athena

Global PMSC Winners are here

PMSC global final winners are here the RRQ  Athena a Thailand team. The PUBG Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Star Challenge 2018 which was held in Dubai has got global attention and participants from all around the globe with 25 teams. The Cup of PMSC looks cool with level 3 helmet.

Tencent games released the game on 2018 March and hit the 100 Million downloads mark simply. PMSC was also being advertised within the game before the challenge begin. The marketing strategy for promoting this global event was so immense good.

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The rules for this challenge were strict and no use of any kind of software tools which affect the fair game-play. The global event organizers conducted the tournament very cleanly and with live streams available in all languages. PUBG is the 2nd place of YT (youtube) gaming of live streams.

PUBG has become a source of earning. Look at the Prize money.

A Thailand team which performing good in all the rounds holding its position in top 3. Finally, it has won the PMSC 2018 with prize money of $200,000 USD.

PMSC Global Winners RRQ Athena
RRQ Athena Thailand

Congratulations RRQ Athena (Thailand) on winning PMSC 2018 Championship. The squad has won the Global Championship with minimal dominance in all the rounds.

Star Challenge Global Final Winners
PMSC Winners

The two rival teams CPT and LH. Douyu stood 2nd and 3rd positions. CPT a Chinese team was very dominant in every round. LH. Douyu is also a Chinese team. But RRQ Athena was playing decently in all the round and not so dominant and ranking on the top with 95 Kills and 5610 ppt(points) becomes the global winner.

Top 3 Teams:

  1. RRQ Athena(PMSC Winners 2018)
  2. CPT
  3. LH. Douyu

In the game of 12 round, CPT has 96 Kills more then RRQ Athena but the total points were less 5300ppt. And LG. Douyu has the highest kills in the tournament with 114 kills but total points were only 4645ppt. The PUBG Mobile is a true survival game as it proves number kills won’t make you winners!

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