Sayonara Wild Hearts Review – Joy, Precision, and Love


Music games often do not entertain the gamers. But, Sayonara Wild Hearts did! It is a wonderful creative romp that combines dance-fighting, high-speed chases, pop music, and deer. Wild Hearts is a game I want to shake and hold to my ear, listening for a roll, for a sign of the shape of the internal mechanism. However, the main story of the game is short; It can be finished within an hour. But, the game’s strength is multiple challenges to complete before you can call the game done. Each level has a distinct ranking system and a kind of riddles to solved by completing various challenges.


The game is a dizzying headlong rush of ideas, pranks, nightmares, middle-eights, and other glittering fragments. What is the most important thing is interaction. You avoid, move, collect, and swing. A highway grows aggressive and drives itself at the sky. A deer bounds across a fractal winter forest.

Why Sayonara Wild Hearts Game is Special?

Wild Hearts is action-packed game, you come across a deck of scenarios, dropping down tunnels, racing over streets, bounding across rooftops, and lancing through the void. If you see hearts, collect them. The game shifts between two dimensions and three dimensions, sending into the screen or across the screen.

In this game, you will a young woman character who suffers heartbreak. A tarot card pops up and dubs her The Fool, transporting her into an alternate universe that she needs to save. She sets out to restore the balance of the universe hidden away in the hearts of the enemies. As you take control of The Fool, you speed along on a motorcycle within a tunnel-like horizontal view.

Wild Hearts game is a simple story with complex challenges. Its affluence is precision, and chaos is fine choreography. The game reference of Jet Set Radio, Dyad and Thumper, and Panzer Dragoon. Download the game at below!!

For iOS

For PC

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