Sony Creates Hype on PS5 Games. PS5 Games can be Played on PS4

sony creates hype

Sony creates hype on PlayStation 5 games. Moreover, these games run on the PS 4 is the proof to start of this console generation is completely different from other consoles. Sony creates hype on PS 5 games which can be played on PS 4 also.

How it implies: The gaming industry drove its customers to aspire to the latest technology. But it changed. PlayStation 5 launched recently with exclusives (Demon’s Souls) and games that ran on PS4 too like Miles Morales: Spider-Man. Sony announced mega-games including 2021/2022’s Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7″ for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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Flashback: PS4 launched in the year 2013, and the games didn’t run on PS3 because Sony’s in-house development has stopped PS 3

The big picture: History’s best-selling games indeed made from Tetris, Wii Sports, Minecraft, and Fortnite. Because, they ran on affordable tech. But the business of selling consoles had always involved the proposition that you needed new consoles to play the games with the advanced mechanism.

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Between the lines: Hulst said Sony’s cross-gen commitment was good business and it makes new games available for PS4 users.

  • NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said selling games cross-gen cannot guarantee bigger sales or revenues.
  • Third-party game publishers need to factor in, between other things, the impact of playing games, and new to the PS5. The fact that games are made only for the prior console can run on the new one. Each manufacturer and publishers seem to build their assumptions and doing math differently on the market approach.

Conclusion: It is going to be hard to find new consoles for a long time. So, Sony and Microsoft releasing games that let more users can play them and enjoy them. But, it disappoints for few of them.

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