Trophy System in Call of Duty Mobile How to use it

Trophy System

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the popular multiplayer, and Battle Royal games played by millions of players all over the world. But, most of the players are having doubts about using the Trophy System weapon in Call of Duty Mobile. So, we gathered some information that helps them. Call of Duty Mobile provides various weapons and artilleries along with upgraded mechanics.

Furthermore, the game showcases rare lethal and tactical equipment. A Flashbang, Smoke Grenade, Concussion Grenade, Cryo Bomb, Frag Grenade, and some other tactical equipment. Moreover, the Trophy System is also one of the tactical pieces of equipment. Players can use to defend themselves from other deadly weapons thrown by the enemies.

Trophy System

The item used by the players only after reaching level 45. This weapon helps users as it deflects airborne explosives including enemy Missiles, Grenades, Stuns or Flashes, Smoke Grenades, RPG Rockets, Ballistic vests, Reaper Missiles, Stealth Bombers, and Explosive charges. The player need to place the weapon at a particular location. It helps the players as a strong defensive tool for their team. The weapon used in Domination or Demolition game modes.

Tactical Gear in Call of Duty Mobile

Here you can see the details of other Tactical Gear in Call of Duty Mobile.

Smoke Grenade: It is one of the most used gear in every battle royale to escape or hide from the enemies.

Flashbang Grenade: The Flashbang grenade used to blind the enemies while detonated by the players. Players can kill enemies using Flashbang grenade.

Concussion Grenade: It is used to confuse and slows the enemy’s movement speed during the battle.

EMP: It is a piece of mechanical equipment that can damage and destroy nearby units and gear.

Cryo Bomb: It is used to slow down and freeze the movement of the enemy as it releases a surf of freezing air.

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