Unity Game Engine: What is Unity Hub & How to download it

Installing Unity Hub

Unity is the most widely used game engine for mobile game development. Now, you all about Unity and this engine will also be used to develop games for up to 28 different platforms like pc, Xbox, ps, switch, web, etc.

Download Unity Hub

Unity Technologies recently introduced the Unity Hub. It is used to install different versions of unity like 2018.02, 2019, or beta. This is used for multiple projects and it has a lot of features that are very helpful for beginners who are interested in game development using unity.

Unity Hub Version Installation

Advantages of Unity Hub over Unity Editor

Unity EditorUnity Hub
Only Single VersionMultiple Versions
Modules Should Be downloaded SepratelyCan Add Modules Like Android Build SDK, iOS, Visual Studio directly from Hub.
Cannot Change Version of the Project to What ever version you wantWe can change the project version to the required version of Unity Easily
Need to Install Beta To Try a New Beta VersionEasy to Try Beta Version
Unity Hub Modules Installing

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